Professional PPC Management company in Kolkata, India.


Are you looking for faster results and ready-to-buy customers for your website? PPC (Pay-per-Click) offers the proper resolution. As one of the best PPC management company in India, we tend to specialise in varied PPC management services like Google Adwords, Facebook and YouTube advertisements. As an associate degree certified PPC service supplier in India, we've been serving a world patronage from varied industries and demographic for the past seven years within the best manner.

Effective Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Our PPC campaign management services ensure that you get the highest returns out of your campaigns. PPC experts at Techduple Technologies follow a proven methodology:

We research and develop a list of keywords that represent your products or services.
Our PPC Management team writes ads incorporating the targeted keywords.
We identify the target customers and set the demographic and time accordingly to display the ads.
We ensure proper reach of the ads, lowest possible expenses and the best returns on investments.
Our PPC experts continuously monitor performance of the ads and set optimum bid values.
We follow up with periodical auditing and restrategize the campaigns as needed.

Advertising mediums used:

Text based search ads in Google, Text based search ads in Bing, Display banner ads through Google Adwords
Video based advertisements on Youtube, Image and Video advertisements on Facebook., Text and Image advertisements on LinkedIN
We offer a wide array of Pay Per Click advertising services namely, Facebook PPC advertising, Bing advertising, YouTube and LinkedIn advertising and more as per your business requisites. Avail our PPC management services and take your business to the topmost rungs of success.

How Can Our PPC Advertising Services Help You?

Unique Advertisement Copies : Development of unique ad copies that stand out from the rest.
Generate Higher Revenues : Increased traffic ultimately results in more revenue through increased customers.
Increase Traffic To Your Website : Targeted Ads through PPC campaigns that ensure increased traffic to your website.
Significant CPC Reduction : Significant reduction of the CPC through expert analysis.
Achieve Higher conversion rates : Conversion of visitors into potential customers.
Effective Campaign Reports : We provide detailed performance reports for transparency.

PPC Remarketing – Target The Right Customers

Site visitors who are already familiar with your brand are much more likely to become customers. We use the remarketing tool to retarget such site visitors to increase conversion rates and ROI dramatically. We start by setting the demographic in a manner that ensures your ads are delivered to the targeted customers. Our effective and calculative techniques of PPC remarketing further narrow down the reach to the potential customers ensuring an optimum value for your investments.